Industrial pipe insulation: why choose ISOVER TECH solutions?

Find the most adapted pipe sections for all your industrial applications at any temperature to ensure superior thermal and fire protection.

​Why invest in high-quality industrial pipe insulation materials?

The pipework systems that transport liquids and gases are an integral part of any industrial process. Effective pipe insulation is essential for you to:

  • Ensure process and media stability
  • Reduce heat loss and energy costs
  • Protect personnel
  • Prevent corrosion

What kind of industrial pipe insulation is most effective?

The ideal choice for all your requirements, ISOVER TECH industrial insulation solutions provide effective thermal, sound and fire protection in one product for a wide range of temperatures and pipe sizes. Simply choose the TECH pipe sections - glass wool, stone wool or ULTIMATE™ - best adapted to your needs:

Key features light robust high performance at low weight
Max. Thermal Use up to 500°C up to 650°C up to 660°C
Max. Efficiency Class 4. Standard Plus 4. Standard Plus 4. Standard Plus
Key Products
TECH Pipe Section
MT 4.0 / 4.2
TECH Pipe Section
MT 4.1
TECH Pipe Section
MT 4.0

All our industrial pipe insulation materials are designed to combine numerous advantages for planners, designers, installers, contractors, specifiers and end-users:

  • Effective industrial thermal insulation:

  • Effective fire protection

  • Corrosion protection

  • Lightweight & compressible

  • Optimised industrial acoustic insulation

  • Bespoke solutions for special applications

Industrial thermal insulation for high temperatures

We’ve developed a special high-performing mineral wool range, ULTIMATE U Tech, which offers higher performance and efficiency due to outstanding lambda values at temperatures up to 700°C.

ULTIMATE U Tech is efficient, light and compressible providing higher levels of insulation at lower thicknesses versus traditional stone wool.

  • up to 35% better thermal efficiency
  • up to 30% thinner
  • up to 50% lighter

Industrial pipe insulation for large-diameter pipes

Flexible insulation for large-diameter process pipes usually takes the form of wired mats. At ISOVER, we’ve developed a range of standard stone wool wired mats with different densities and thermal performances. Alternatively, you could opt for ISOVER U TECH wired mats in ULTIMATE™ for “extra plus” energy efficiency.​


Key features flexible and proven high performance at low weight
Max. Thermal Use up to 680°C up to 700°C
Max. Efficiency Class 6. Premium Plus 8.Extra Plus
Key Products TECH Wired Mat
MT 3.0 / 3.1, MT 4.0 / 4.1
MT 5.0 / 5.1, MT 6.1
U TECH Wired Mat
MT 4.0, MT 5.0, MT 6.0
MT 7.0, HT 8.0

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