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Viking Line Ferry Sevilla
2009 Spain

Sevilla, Spain


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The Viking Line Ferry company signed a contract with the Spanish shipyard Astilleros de Sevilla for a newly built ferry to be delivered by the summer of 2009. It can thus take advantage of the latest advances in technical equipment and environmentally sound solutions. Meanwhile the design of its public spaces and service concepts can be adapted entirely to the needs of various sub-markets and customer categories. The decision to invest in a newbuilding was made after an extensive global inventory of available second-hand vessels, after which Viking Line concluded that there are no vessels that meet today’s requirements in terms of fuel consumption, environmental equipment, ice class and efficient service concepts. The Shipyard found Isover's ULTIMATE as the best way to reduce weight because they were exceeding accepted weight limits. We found some problems in insulation for the garage portion of the ferry, the contractor wanted washable surfaces and installation workers were not very comfortable with the final appearance of glass fabric facing of low density products.