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Celebrity Eclipse
2010 Germany

, Germany


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The keel of the Celebrity Eclipse was laid on 23 January 2009 and floated in her drydock in 28 February 2010. Celebrity Eclipse is the third Solstice-class ship, preceded by Celebrity Solstice and Celebrity Equinox. Solstice-class ships are considered to be one of the environment-friendly ships in the world, which they are equipped with Photovoltaic System, an optimized hull design, highly-efficient hull coatings and lighting system using LED lights. With these set of innovations, Solstice-class ships save 30% more energy, compared to other ships of its kind. The ship was designed in close cooperation with the owner, and was optimised by means of computer calculations and model tank tests. Thanks to her slender outlines the ship, with her 17 decks and a pod propulsion system, features a very low fuel consumption and has outstanding manoeuvring and sea-keeping capabilities as well as low noise and vibration levels

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