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Lausanne GuestHouse Lausanne
2001 Switzerland

Lausanne, Switzerland


Residential - renovation



Construction size (m²)


Construction technique


High Performance

Very low energy Buildings

award label

Renovated to achieve MINERGIE standards

Energy consumption

70% in energy savings Total consumption for building: 97 kWh/m

sup2; Total consumption for heating only: 49 kWh/m

sup2; U-value for the windows: 1.1 W/m

sup2;K U-value for the roof: 0.18 W/m

sup2;K U-value for the walls: 0.9 W/m


To meet MINERGIE standards,controlled ventilation is essential. Such an installation is often problematic in the case of existing buildings. In the original configuration of the house, each room was equipped with a separate stove heater. From this the team deduced the existence of conduits previously used to draw off fumes from the heaters. By tapping on the walls they determined their location and these spaces were then used to install the new ventilation system.


The object of this renovation project was the conversion of a house dating from 1894 into a hotel and apartment complex. The hotel accepts 15 guests in the winter and 70 in the summer. 16 residents occupy 6 apartments year round. It was the desire of the owners to conserve the building's original esthetics while at the same time significantly reducing energy consummation. Optimising the working environment for the hotel staff was equally a priority. New ventiliation system installed to meet MINERGIE standards.


Patrick Chich